Hiking Week

Apr 26 – May 1, 2019
Oct 9 – 13, 2019

Complete spring program 2019

Day 1
26 Apr 2019

Welcome to Visby, April 26

We gather at Hotell S:t Clemens for a group walk through Visby and then have dinner together. This gives everyone a chance to get acquainted and an opportunity to ask questions about the upcoming hiking days.
Jim Sundberg
Mart Marend
Day 2
27 Apr 2019

Hiking in Sudret, April 27

Furthest south, or in Sudret which it is also called, the landscape opens up and you discover the lush, leafy part of our island. With the sea close at hand on nearly all sides, there is a wealth of culture, wild rabbits and fantastic coastal stretches to explore.  This day we will explore Sudret, with highlights such as Husrygg, Hoburgen and Holmhällar. Distance: approx. 15km
Jim Sundberg
Mart Marend
Day 3
28 Apr 2019

Hiking south of Visby, April 28

We begin the day with a short bus tour to Högklint (High Cliff), one of Gotland’s finest lookout points. Our day’s hike begins here at 50 meters over sea level. We will pass by Fridhem and then follow the water’s edge towards Visby. Then our walk will continue high up on the cliff, through the beautiful Södra Hällarna nature reserve. Distance: approx 15km
Jim Sundberg
Mart Marend
Day 4
29 Apr 2019

Hiking in Östergarn, April 29

The bus ride across the island to eastern Gotland and Sandviken takes about 50 min. We will pass through Roma, a central town in mid-Gotland and begin our hike at Sandviken nature reserve. Small lanes and paths follow the coastline during our hike and during the day we will pass by Sysneudd, Herrvik and Grogarnsberget nature reserve – with its 30-meter high cliffs. The day’s hike ends at Katthammarsvik where we enjoy a delightful dinner together before travelling back to Visby. Distance: approx 18km
Jim Sundberg
Mart Marend
Day 5
30 Apr 2019

Hiking at Stenkusten, April 30

On the west side of Kappelshamn bay lies Hallshuk, a grand place to look out over the sea and on the eastern side lies Stenkusten (Stone coast) – with its winding narrow road. The day begins with a bus ride to Bläse Limestone Museum, where we begin our hike northwards. Stenkusten is a nature reserve with unique barren landscape found nowhere else on Gotland. Distance: approx 15km
Jim Sundberg
Mart Marend
Day 6
01 May 2019