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A short trip faraway. They say that travelling to Gotland is like visiting another country and the wild barren limestone karst plains in the north, the leafy warm meadows in the south and the pulse of the historical town of Visby in the west, all make that easy to understand. 

Gotland is only 180 km from one tip to the other, making it easy to believe that our island is pretty much the same wherever you are, but this is certainly not the case. There is a vast variety of scenery and atmosphere depending on where you are on the island and this entices you to feel that there is always more to discover.

Furthest north there is the attraction of the wild and barren landscape with hidden limestone quarries, beautiful nature reserves and knotted pines. A short ten-minute ferry ride takes you to the mythical island of Fårö with its winding bicycle and hiking trails, vast sandy beaches and the largest sea stack area in Europe. This is where Ingmar Bergman found his source of inspiration and it is never far to a cozy restaurant or charming café.

To the east, perhaps in Östergarnslandet or lovely Ljugarn, there are green plains, magical sunrises and exciting limestone cliffs sticking out of the landscape. Grazing sheep, a strong cultural heritage and a feeling of calmness surrounds you. Why not take the chance to enjoy some fresh-caught smoked fish at the restaurant in Katthammarsvik or old fish shop in Sysne on the coast? The flounder has to be tasted to be believed!

Furthest south or in Sudret which the area where it is never far to the sea in any direction is also called, the open lush landscape is covered with colourful viper’s bugloss in early summer. The area boasts exuberant country living centered around the village of Burgsvik, focusing on art and history with museums, a natural science centre, ancient churches, as well as potteries and art exhibitions. All this, as well as some of the finest beaches on Gotland, bumpy country lanes, hundreds of wild rabbits and breath-taking scenery.  

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If you find yourself on the eastern side of Gotland, you will discover special surroundings with green plains, magical sunrises and the dramatic limestone cliffs which protrude from the landscape. Here you can find many marked hiking trails, both along the coast and inland, but even a lot of history among the grazing sheep and agricultural community. 


Furthest north the mythical Fårö beckons with winding bike trails and lovely hiking paths, vast sandy beaches, sea stack areas and wild nature reserves. There are nature experiences for everyone and the wind, sun and barren landscape create a feeling that this is an absolutely unique place.


Furthest south, or in Sudret which it is also called, the landscape opens up and you discover the lush, leafy part of our island. With the sea close at hand on nearly all sides, there is a wealth of culture, wild rabbits and fantastic coastal stretches to explore – on foot, by bike or by car.


Visby offers more more than just beautiful old buildings, history and good food. There are many fine scenic views and walking routes. Wander around the Ring Wall and enjoy the Botanical Gardens, Nordergravar and the Strand Promenade. Or take the time to head south to the wild Södra Hällarna area.


A visit to the renowned Lummelunda limestone cave is always exciting but don’t forget to discover the exceptionally fine park in the shade of tall leafy trees, with a bubbling stream, the scent of wild garlic in the air in spring. Or why not pay Brucebo nature reserve a visit?


Gotland may not be able to boast of having a large archipelago, but we are rightfully proud of the few islands we have! The most popular of them all is Stora Karlsö with its rich birdlife, exciting trails and barren magnificent terrain. A visit there is always worthwhile, whether you stay overnight in the exotic Fyrbyn or just make it a day trip.  

Gotland is a special place

Travelling to Gotland is like a trip to another country outside of Sweden, with its unique scenery and rich history. Its location, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, has always attracted visitors from the Swedish mainland and, naturally, nearby countries. However, in the last few years the island has become more and more popular with visitors from further afield, and many chose to plan a visit to Gotland during their travels in Scandinavia.

Gotland is about 100km from the east coast of Sweden and only 140 km from Estonia. Most visitors to the island come by ferry from Nynäshamn, Västervik or Oskarshamn. Visby Airport has connections all year round from Bromma and Arlanda and there are also direct flights from other cities to the island as well.

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There are 92 medieval churches on Gotland
There are 159 nature reserves on Gotland
There are more than 100 protected animals on the island

Did you know Gotland has
800km of coastline?